Where to relax in the Canary Islands in autumn

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When the holidays are approaching, it’s time to make an entertainment plan and decide what to do. Where to relax in the Canary Islands in autumn excites many tourists: this is an extremely popular destination in all seasons, but especially beautiful in the autumn months.
If in other resorts then the rainy and windy season, in the Canary Islands everything is completely different.

Here – a pleasant, mild climate, gentle sun, superbly heated water. At the very beginning of the calendar autumn, hot weather pleases. Of course, the influx of vacationers is not the same as in summer, and that is because the school year begins.

What to do in different months?

September is a unique chance to extend your summer and enjoy the excellent weather a little longer, take a walk along the coast. There is no strong heat anymore, the Atlantic is still the same warm.
The water temperature varies between +22 and +23 degrees.
In Gran Canaria, the temperature shows stability and stability and does not exceed +28 degrees. The temperature at night is comfortable for fans of night walks, discos, it reaches only +20 degrees. Here you can have fun in different ways. It is in September that a lot of national holidays and various performances take place.
Tourists are invited to visit the folklore festival held in La Laguna, to visit the solemn passage in honor of the Virgin in Gran Canaria.
In October, the beaches are full of tourists. The weather allows you to warm up well under the rays of the sun. During the day the temperature is +26 degrees, but in the evening it drops to +24 degrees. The Atlantic Ocean welcomes the waves and welcomes surfers.

In November, the swimming season does not end, although swimming in the ocean is no longer so comfortable. The wind is getting stronger, the air temperature reaches +25 degrees, the water is colder.

Most Popular Places
In autumn, the rest period is comfortable, because the sun does not bake so much anymore, but you can still sunbathe, bask in the warm sunshine. The islands of the Canary archipelago are characterized by a well-developed infrastructure and act as tourist centers. Most popular places:

Tenerife is the largest island. In Tenerife, it is proposed to engage in active pastime, swim, enjoy chic locations, and passive recreation is also possible. In the resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas, party lovers will spend an unforgettable time, but the location of Puerto de la Cruz will appeal to lovers of natural landscapes, tranquility and comfort.

Gran Canaria – There will be plenty to do in October-November, for example, visit various attractions, including the Museum of the Age of Discovery, the House of Columbus, the Cathedral. Theme parks, where you can walk with children, are in special demand.

Lanzarote is an island-reserve of unprecedented beauty, which received this status due to its volcanic origin. The main highlight of this place is the “lunar landscape”. The resort flourishes tourism in its most diverse manifestations.

La Palma – what to do here in autumn is to admire the stunning landscapes, to be in the midst of an abundance of greenery, magical nature. Everything here is literally covered with green plants. There are many beaches where you can sunbathe.

El Hierro is a remarkable resort where you can enjoy a beach holiday, secluded with pristine nature and amazing ocean. The attraction of this magical place is the cozy bays and bays that offer a reliable shelter from the wind.
When deciding where to relax in the Canary Islands in the fall, in order to properly relax and forget about the daily routine for a while, it is worth considering personal preferences and expectations from the trip. The resorts of Tenerife and Gran Canaria will be the perfect choice for active tourists who cannot imagine a vacation without noisy parties and fun. But for those who do not like nightlife, it is better to dwell on options that involve solitude with nature.

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