May 2023

The Process of Obtaining Spanish Citizenship Through the Purchase of Property

Spain is a country in the south-west of Europe, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, attractive as a neighbor to Portugal. The kingdom is a magnet for internationalists from different parts of the world, and in terms of living standards it ranks second after France. The government launched the golden visa program in 2013, under which it is possible to obtain citizenship by investing in real estate....

Construction of villas in Tenerife: prospects and challenges

Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean is considered an ideal place for building villas. Tenerife has favorable conditions for this, because this island is the largest and most popular in the Canaries. In the past, the area of settlement of the white Guanches, and after the conquistadors are not associated with the future belonging to the African continent. But the Spanish origin is clearly visible here. In...

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