February 2022

Плюсы и минусы жизни на Канарах

Pros and cons of living in Tenerife

Many people dream of living near the ocean. When every morning you can leave the house and enjoy the light breeze, inhale the fresh and warm air. Spain, in particular, the Canary Islands, is considered a truly heavenly place. This region has its own laws, traditions, which are never too late to get acquainted with. However, life on the islands brings not only advantages, but also disadvantages. If you are...

Villa For Sale In Spain From Developer

Resort towns in Spain are popular for foreigner, so are the villas in touristic towns. If you have already been on vacation is Spain most probably you wanted to stay there, if you are planning your holidays in Spain, you should know that ones you are there you will want to stay there forever. Picturesque nature, mild climate, the opportunity to combine relaxation on the beach and skiing in the...

Profitability Of Real Estate In Spain Is Growing

Spain is a paradise on earth, enchanting with its incredible nature, the fabulous architecture of the Middle Ages, colorful traditions and hospitality of local people. Spain is characterized by a great variety of all types of recreation: beach-sea, mountain, cultural. The combination of these factors led the country to an honorable third degree in the world after the United States and France for the...

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