Immigration to Spain 2022 – the specifics and subtleties of the process

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Spain is a country that many people dream of living in. It is warm, cozy, beautiful, there are many jobs. However, few people know how to move to live in this corner, how to immigrate. You need to know about all the features and nuances of this process. Let’s try to figure out how to get a visa.

Why is moving a good decision?

Why Spain? Everything is explained by the high standard of living, which consists of many points:

· mild climate;
· quality and affordable medical care;
· moderate expenses for accommodation, transportation, food;
· stable development of the country’s economy;
· low unemployment rate;
· the rapid growth of GDP.

It is the combination of these factors that allows us to say that the standard of living in this country is high.

Features of moving

Having understood why many are interested in the possibility of moving to Spain, we should move on to the specifics of this process. There are several ways to travel to this country legally. There are several options for moving legally, including education, marriage to a Spanish citizen, real estate purchase, private investment or starting a business.

There are other ways to leave. Options for obtaining a residence permit:
· seasonal work;
· work in the Spanish branch of an organization located in your country;
· internship;
· volunteer activity;
· moving with family members.

Each method involves its own characteristics of immigration. For seasonal employment, you need to get a job, then the work and residence permit itself (the documents must be requested by the employer), apply for a work visa and obtain a foreigner’s identity card upon arrival in Spain. For an internship, you need to submit a request for the execution of the mentioned document so that funds are received during this period, and request an internship visa at the consulate, although in the latter case no one will pay for the internship.

Another common immigration option is to obtain a residence permit through investment. Then, after a few months, you will be able to be in this country or use a residence permit in Spain as a “safety cushion” in case of any problems in terms of the economy or politics in your native country.

It is realistic for foreign citizens to obtain a Spanish passport only after 10 years of residence in the country with the status of a residence permit and permanent residence.

By taking the following steps, you can get a residence permit in Spain::

· study at one of the universities of the country;
· take part in the state program for investors;
· to marry a person who has citizenship.

After graduating from high school, you will face an expired residence permit. Among other difficulties that may arise in this country are high taxes, high-quality and expensive care in private medical centers. In addition, moving takes a lot of money. You should immigrate with a “gold reserve”.

Documents required for moving

The process of immigration to Spain in 2022 has changed a bit. The main thing is to know what documents are required.

You will need a passport, a medical certificate form 082y or 086y, medical insurance for one year, documents that indicate an average or above-average place of residence in Spain, or a rental agreement..

You also need papers confirming the source of income or the availability of funds. Experts in a specialized company can competently draw up documents.

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