Attractions of La Palma Island

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Attractions of La Palma Island

La Palma is a little piece of paradise located in the northwest of the Canary Islands archipelago. It is a breathtakingly beautiful pear-shaped island. This place is wonderful for those who prefer a serene holiday. Every year, the sights of the island of La Palma attract crowds of tourists. The coastline is mostly rocky, so there are few beaches, but in appearance, they are as magnificent as the beaches of other islands of the Canary archipelago.
The capital is a small town, Santa Cruz de la Palma, clean and neat. Made in the colonial style.
The island is considered the greenest. There are frequent volcanic eruptions, but that does not stop tourists from visiting the island. There are lush forests and majestic mountains. Here you can immerse yourself in amazing nature and get a real pleasure of seeing the enchanting scenery.

5 reasons to fall in love with La Palma

  • Climate – due to the moderate subtropical climate this place is a chic option for a vacation.
  • Memorable places – due to the huge number of attractions of the island of La Palma, there is no doubt what to visit. The rich culture of the region attracts travelers from all over the world
  • Beaches – here you can find a beach with black sand and lots of palm trees, places for connoisseurs of scuba diving.
  • Hotels – a solid choice of options for temporary stay will not leave you without a place to stay. Comfortable rooms with wonderful ocean views impress.
  • Entertainment – no one will be bored. Fans of hiking, lovers of astronomy, shopping, long and interesting excursions will find an outlet here.
  • There is a place to go with children, friends, the other half. You will surely fall in love with the islands, because all conditions are created for it!

How to get there
The distance between the islands of La Palma and Tenerife is about 120 kilometers. Thanks to the excellent connections by sea and air, the trip takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Where to stay
Where can I stay in La Palma? Available option of settling in a hotel. Although there are few large hotels on the island, but outside of the capital tourists are available to complexes of comfortable apartments. Many complexes serve guests on an all-inclusive system.

Famous Sights
Among the popular attractions on the island of La Palma is worth noting:
Roque de los Muchachos, a trail that runs along the highest peaks and offers superb scenery. At the very top of Mount Muchazos there is the highest observation deck. If you want to see the world from the top, this is the place to go!
Caldera de Taburiente is a national park with an impressive territory, here you can find coniferous forests, bare volcanic rocks, small waterfalls, mysterious gorges, against which you can make unforgettable photos.
Nature reserves are the main pride of the Canary Islands. Wildlife is breathtaking at first sight. It is worth visiting the natural monument of Los Volcanes de Tenegia, the Cumbresita observation deck.
Astronomical Observatory Roque de los Muchachos will give a lot of positive impressions, because you can see a really divine beauty. Stunning energy is saturated in every corner.
For an in-depth and detailed review of the sights, it is better to use the help of a professional guide. He will immerse you in the history of the explored place, will tell the marvelous facts and unknown information, which will allow you to look at the region in a different way.

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