Construction of villas in Tenerife: prospects and challenges

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Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean is considered an ideal place for building villas. Tenerife has favorable conditions for this, because this island is the largest and most popular in the Canaries. In the past, the area of settlement of the white Guanches, and after the conquistadors are not associated with the future belonging to the African continent. But the Spanish origin is clearly visible here. In any case, the rich cultural heritage, beautiful views and a pleasant climate contribute to the decision.

Very popular investment in the construction of villas on the territory, as later you can earn income from the rental of real estate. How to do it according to all the rules and laws of the state, what factors to consider in order to justify the investment? Share valuable information!

Prospects for building villas in Tenerife

If you walk through the streets of popular areas of the island, you will be surprised by the variety of designs. Each building has its own distinctive exterior design. While the interior try to perform from a practical point of view, to provide the guest with all the benefits of modern civilization.

It is no coincidence that many see Tenerife as an attractive place to build villas. The building can be used as accommodation and recreation area for the whole family, or rented out and get a decent fee from the tourist sector.

The main stages of building villas in Tenerife

The government is interested in the tourist sector of the economy, the welfare of local citizens and many other important issues. Therefore, developers are thoroughly checked by the law and monitored by the regulatory and licensing authorities for the construction of villas in Tenerife.

The certificates of the special organizations are the basis for the legalization of the built object. From this it follows that the authorities are necessarily responsible for the quality of the future property and its further exploitation.

The stages of villa construction are usually as follows:

  • purchase of the selected piece of land;
  • selection or development of a specific project according to the client’s wishes;
  • selection of materials to start and work on the implementation of real estate construction.

The architectural features of villas in Tenerife should be taken into account. If we consider this property in terms of styles and designs, in general, lightness, light colors, natural materials and shades, the presence of transparent windows and doors overlooking the ocean prevails. The areas are equipped with an indoor swimming pool and all the necessary facilities. Ecological and sustainable aspects of the construction of villas in Tenerife involve the use of natural stone, wood, glass, marble, granite. 

Villa with the presence of a solar panel is clearly advantageous over competitors for the construction. Due to the presence of solar energy will be able to save on electricity and not to pollute the air with emissions. This tactic will definitely be supported by the government, which means that your villa will be more in demand by tenants than other investors.

Factors affecting the success of villa construction

Factors for the success of construction are based on the right location of the residence, environmentally friendly materials and the calculation of the financial component of the project. The advantages and challenges of building villas in Tenerife are clearly visible. For the success of the project requires careful planning and market research. Investors should conduct a market analysis and take into account such factors as the popularity of the area, the availability of infrastructure and the growth potential of property prices. Also, the contractor’s experience and qualifications play an important role. If you take, for example, a villa with a terrace and an equipped rooftop gym, a garden with fountains and an indoor swimming pool, it will be much more promising than an ordinary single-storey building.

The real estate market in the villas sector in Tenerife

It is important that the area is safe for both tourists and permanent residents (foreigners). Some of the most popular areas for the construction of villas in Tenerife include: the luxury resort of Abama with its unique beaches, coastal areas of Costa Adeje. Not bad characteristics of the new area on the south side of the island Callao Salvaje.

What to consider in terms of the financial component of the project?

Investing in real estate in Tenerife should be about increasing your wealth and securing your financial future, but sometimes it can be overly complicated and perhaps intimidating for the everyday investor with little experience. The first thing to consider are the financial aspects of building villas in Tenerife:

  1. Determine what kind of investment you plan to make. Do you just want a vacation home for yourself, but also – to achieve the best capital growth in the future? Or are you planning to invest in real estate for both income and capital growth without making it a priority to settle there? There is no “one size fits all.”
  2. The good location of your future villa. The location of your property will ultimately determine the overall success of your investment by affecting the amount of rent you can charge..
  3. Choice of land to build on. This aspect is important and significant. If you have time to choose a site for a villa on vacant land that is not yet built up, it is quite possible that it will increase in value and you can double the rental price after construction.

A quality building that is well designed and built pays dividends, especially in the long term. Buildings of higher quality, when following innovations and new trends in building villas in Tenerife not only require less maintenance and repairs, but also tend to be rented out faster, which provides higher profits.

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