Gastronomy of Tenerife: traditional dishes and drinks

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Gastronomy Of Tenerife

The Canarian cuisine of the island combines the traditions of indigenous people and migrants. Many tourists confirm the incredible taste of dishes that are simple in terms of cooking technology. Food in restaurants and cafes is prepared mainly from ocean fish and seafood, as well as exotic fruits that grow in fertile volcanic soil. Local Gastronomy of Tenerife: traditional dishes and drinks that are a mixture of Spanish dishes with various influences from Africa and Latin America.

The best food on the island

The most delicious dishes to try:

Papas arrugadas. The potato, or papas as it is called in Spain, has a special place in the local diet. These “wrinkled potatoes” are first boiled in sea salt water for 30 minutes and then fried to wrinkle the skin and form a crust of salt. The dish is usually served with sauces.
Mojo (Mojo). This is a sauce that goes well with almost all dishes, including the famous potatoes. There are two standard versions of the sauce containing different ingredients: red pepper and garlic, while the other has coriander and parsley. Canarian sauces are served in almost all restaurants, which makes them popular with visiting tourists.
Gofio (Gofio). It is a type of flour made from roasted grains, most commonly millio (sweet corn). Restaurants use gofio on the menu of many dishes, especially in desserts.
Bienmesabe (Bienmesabe) – a dessert that will delight the sweet tooth, made from honey, eggs, alcohol and almond sweet cream. It is better to use it with a classic ice cream or eat it as an independent dish.
Arroz A la Cubana. In fact, this is a traditional breakfast, consisting of local products – rice, sausage, scrambled eggs, as well as fried bananas. It is prepared quickly, but also healthy and tasty.

What else to try? Be sure to try the Tapas sandwiches. This appetizer is very popular, because there is nothing easier than to experience the whole carnival of taste in one small dish. Desserts and confectionery in Tenerife are appreciated by both locals and visitors. Shrimp, moraine, as well as burgado or sea snails are served as seafood snacks. Fish is usually eaten stewed, fried or grilled and served with potatoes. We also note the stewed rabbit, pork cutlets, which are more like a chop, as well as tortilla, delicious jamon and goat cheese.

The best drinks in Tenerife

Tenerife’s best kept secret is its wine. The island’s mountainous landscape and mineral-rich soil have ensured that the vineyards have flourished over the centuries, producing excellent dry and acidic white or easy-drinking red wines.
Listan Blanco is a white wine made from Palomino grapes. It is blended with other sour red wines to make one of the sweetest wines in the world. From alcoholic drinks, you can try Ron Miel – this is rum with honey. As for cocktails, the most delicious ones are made from strawberries, bananas, papaya and other colorful local fruits.

Where to try traditional gastronomy in Tenerife?

The best restaurants can be found in Costa Adeje and Golf del Sur. You can order goat cheese from almost every establishment, such as La Hierbita. Etereo by Pedro Nel is very close to the García Sanabria Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the same town, La Bodeguita Canaria is located, serving typical Canarian dishes. One of the inexpensive restaurants is Casa Mediterránea in Puerto de la Cruz. There are many more cafes in Tenerife where you can try delicacies such as shark steaks, paella, shrimp skewers, but everything is not limited to these dishes.

The wonderful mild climate that the island enjoys all year round explains the richness and variety of tropical fruits and vegetables that grow here. The sea that laps the coast of Tenerife is another great source of ingredients for island cuisine, it’s actually a pantry filled with some of the finest fish and seafood the Atlantic has to offer.

What restaurants in Tenerife specialize in local cuisine?

Etereo by Pedro Nel is very close to the García Sanabria Park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the same town, there is La Bodeguita Canaria serving typical Canarian dishes. One of the inexpensive restaurants is Casa Mediterránea in Puerto de la Cruz.

How are local dishes prepared in Tenerife?

Local dishes are prepared according to simple recipes, which is why the cuisine is reminiscent of Spanish traditions. The special taste is preserved thanks to natural fresh products without additives, as well as skillful preparation of sauces and a variety of spices.

Places to Eat Tapas in Tenerife

Bar El Camino in Puerto de la Cruz, Meson Castellano, Otelo and other restaurants offer tapas, one of the traditional dishes.

Is there a vegetarian cuisine?

Of course, you can spend time on the territory away from the hustle and bustle in quiet restaurants with vegan cuisine, such as Aqua Restaurant, Torviscas Spice Village, Little India and other cafes focused on a special client, they serve delicious and exquisite vegan dishes and treat gluten-free food. .

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