The Process of Obtaining Spanish Citizenship Through the Purchase of Property

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Spain is a country in the south-west of Europe, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, attractive as a neighbor to Portugal. The kingdom is a magnet for internationalists from different parts of the world, and in terms of living standards it ranks second after France. The government launched the golden visa program in 2013, under which it is possible to obtain citizenship by investing in real estate. Investments allow you to first obtain a family residence permit, and soon apply for citizenship. The investor pass can be renewed every two years. To maintain and extend a residence permit, it is not necessary to live in Spain, which is one of the advantages of this program.

Advantages of this system

  • The main advantages of the Spanish “golden visa” are undoubtedly the speed of issuing a residence permit and the relatively low cost of renewal. Naturally, Spain is compared with neighboring Portugal and the undoubted success of the program of the same name there. The main requirement is an investment of at least 500 thousand euros in the purchase of real estate.
  • Key Benefits:
  • the speed of issuing a residence permit;
  • low government fees;
  • low renewal fee;
  • full free choice of real estate options;
  • visa-free entry to the Schengen area of the EU.

In Spain, a wide range of types of real estate is presented to residents, without any restrictions and conditions, as well as a minimum investment limit.

How to obtain Spanish citizenship through the purchase of real estate

To obtain Spanish citizenship through investment in real estate, the following conditions must be met:
invest in real estate in Spain at least 500,000 euros;
live in Spain for at least 183 days a year;
pass a medical examination and have no obstacles to obtaining citizenship;
pass an exam on knowledge of the Spanish language and culture of the country;
provide proof of financial solvency.

After fulfilling all the conditions, you can apply for Spanish citizenship. In case of a positive decision, you will receive a Spanish passport and become a citizen of the country.

Steps for Citizenship

The first thing to do is to choose a suitable investment object that is allowed for purchase by the authorities of the state. Be sure to consider the location, the cost of the process will also depend on this – the closer to the capital and major cities, the more expensive. But first, you should contact the immigration company, which provides support to foreigners and is fully involved in the documents.

What documents do I need to submit to register a property? The stage of registration of the necessary documents includes:
signing a sales contract;
checking the legal purity of the object;
obtaining a Spanish tax number (NIE);
opening a bank account in Spain.

How long will the citizenship process take? It should be taken into account that the processing time from the date of application submission and submission of documents confirming the purchase of the object may vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of procedures and the workload of local authorities.

So, if you are ready to buy a property in Spain and aspire to become a citizen of this beautiful country, the first step is to seek professional help and start your journey towards the status of a Spanish citizen.

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