The nuances of buying property in Marbella

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The nuances of buying property in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most prestigious and popular resorts on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Buying property in Marbella can be an excellent investment, whether for permanent residence, holiday or rental. However, before you start purchasing, it is worth considering several important nuances.

Key aspects of buying property in Marbella

The first thing to consider when buying property in Marbella is the cost. Property prices here can vary significantly depending on the area, type of property and proximity to the sea.

For example, apartments in Marbella located by the sea will cost significantly more than similar properties in remote areas.

Premium properties such as villas and houses will also command a higher price.

Before purchasing, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Marbella real estate market and choose a reliable real estate agent who will help you find a suitable property and carry out all the necessary legal procedures.

Estate agents in Marbella can provide information on a variety of housing options including apartments, houses and villas.

Legal aspects and taxes

When purchasing property in Marbella, there are legal aspects and taxes to consider. The procedure for purchasing real estate in Spain includes several stages, such as signing a preliminary agreement, making a deposit and concluding the main sales contract with a notary. Don’t forget also about property taxes in Marbella, which include purchase tax, property tax and other mandatory payments.

Mortgage and financing

For many buyers, an important aspect is the ability to obtain a mortgage. In Marbella, as in the rest of Spain, banks offer various mortgage programs for foreign citizens. However, mortgage terms may vary, so it is important to carefully review all offers and choose the most advantageous one.

Real estate for foreigners

Property in Marbella is very popular among foreigners. Many Europeans and citizens of other countries prefer to invest in real estate on the Costa del Sol. For foreign buyers, there are certain rules and requirements that must be taken into account when purchasing a home. For example, you will need to obtain a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), which is required for all financial transactions in Spain.

Advantages and disadvantages

Buying property in Marbella has its pros and cons. Among the advantages are a high quality of life, excellent climatic conditions, developed infrastructure and a wide selection of real estate. However, there are some disadvantages to consider, such as high housing costs and taxes.


Buying property in Marbella can be a profitable investment, but it is important to carefully study all the nuances and approach this issue with maximum responsibility. By turning to professionals and studying the real estate market, you can make the right choice and avoid possible mistakes.

FAQ about buying property in Marbella

How to choose?

Determine your priorities: proximity to the sea, type of property, budget.
Contact a trusted real estate agent for advice and assistance in your search.
Conduct an independent real estate appraisal.
Check all legal documents and history of the property.
Get advice from local lawyers and specialists.

What documents are needed for purchase?

Foreigner Identification Number (NIE)
Documents confirming financial solvency (for example, bank statements)

What do you need to know when buying property in Marbella?

Research the market and real estate prices.
Consider taxes and legal aspects.
Consider getting a mortgage.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment there?

Prices for apartments in Marbella can range from 200,000 euros to several million euros, depending on the location and characteristics of the property.

What are the popular areas?

Golden Mile, Puerto Banus, San Pedro de Alcantara.
The choice of area depends on your preferences and budget.

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