The most exclusive areas of Marbella

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Marbella, the pearl of the Costa del Sol, beckons with its luxury and glamor. The Mediterranean climate, azure beaches, lush gardens and golf courses – all this creates a unique atmosphere of paradise on earth.

But for those who are looking not just for comfort, but for exclusivity and privacy, Marbella offers 10 elite areas where life turns into a fairy tale.

Sierra Blanca:

Here, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the stately mansions and villas of the richest people in the world lie on the hillsides.

Panoramic Views: The terraces offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, mountains and cityscapes.

Privacy: Impeccable security and confidentiality are the hallmark of Sierra Blanca.

Celebrities: It’s no surprise that showbiz stars, athletes and business tycoons live here.

Puerto Banus:

Yacht, shopping, party: A glamorous marina with luxury yachts, famous brand boutiques and noisy parties is the heart of Marbella’s nightlife.

Mediterranean cuisine: Restaurants for every taste, from Michelin stars to cozy tapas bars, will delight gourmets.
Holiday atmosphere: The fiery atmosphere does not subside day or night.

Los Monteros:

Calm and prestige: An elite area where tranquility and respect for privacy reign.

Beach holiday: Five sandy beaches washed by the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea are the ideal place to relax.

Family Vacation: Developed infrastructure, private schools and playgrounds make Los Monteros an ideal place to live with a family.

Close to nature: Lush gardens and parks give you a feeling of unity with nature.

Rio Real:

Green Harbor: A cozy area surrounded by greenery and flowers.

Golf Courses: Golf lovers will appreciate the world-class courses.

Calm Atmosphere: An ideal place for those seeking privacy and tranquility.

Proximity to Marbella: The city center can be easily reached by car or taxi.

Las Lomas de Marbella Club:

Legendary area: Home of the famous Marbella Club Hotel, where the spirit of Marbella was born.

Bohemian atmosphere: Creative bohemia and the aristocracy have chosen this area for its unique atmosphere.

Beach Club: Marbella Beach Club is a place where you can relax and chat with interesting people.

Mediterranean architecture: Snow-white Andalusian-style villas captivate with their architecture.


The areas of Marbella featured in this article are just a sampling of what this luxury resort has to offer.

Each area has its own unique atmosphere: be it the glamor of Puerto Banus, the secluded luxury of Sierra Blanca or the tranquility of Rio Real.

However, this does not mean that there are only expensive areas in Marbella, there are also simpler ones, we will talk about them in another article.

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