What is rent with option to buy real estate in Spain

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Rent with option to buy (alquiler con opción a compra), also known as traspaso, is a unique form of real estate transaction in Spain that combines elements of renting and buying. This model allows tenants to settle in the desired house or apartment, paying rent, with the possibility of purchasing the property in the future.

Advantages of rent with option to buy:

  • Allows you to “test” the property before buying.
  • Provides time to save for a down payment on a mortgage.
  • Can be more advantageous than renting: due to the deduction of part of the rent towards the purchase price.
  • Can be an alternative to a mortgage for those who cannot obtain one.

Disadvantages of rent with option to buy:

  • Does not guarantee purchase if you cannot meet the option conditions.
  • You may lose part of the rent payments if you do not buy the property.
  • The purchase price may be higher than the market price at the time of purchase.

Rent with option to buy process in Spain

It begins with the signing of a special contract between the landlord and the tenant. This contract usually includes rental conditions, including the amount of rent, the term of the contract, and the conditions for purchasing the property.

Conditions of rent with option to buy in Spain:

Conditions may vary depending on the agreements between the parties. However, they usually include a specific rental period during which the tenant has the right to purchase the property at a pre-agreed price. In addition, part of the rent may be credited towards the down payment when purchasing the property.

Financial aspects

In rent with option to buy in Spain, the tenant usually pays a monthly rent, part of which may be credited in case of purchasing the property. Additionally, there may be additional expenses for legal assistance and contract formalization when concluding the deal.

Legal aspects

To enter into a rent with option to buy agreement in Spain, all legal formalities and requirements must be met. This includes signing an official lease agreement, defining purchase conditions, and registering the contract in accordance with local legislation.

Real estate market in Spain and rent with option to buy:

In the real estate market in Spain, rent with option to buy is a popular option for both tenants and property owners. This model allows tenants to have greater flexibility and access to housing, while owners can ensure a stable income stream and have the opportunity to sell the property in the future.


Rent with option to buy is a unique real estate deal that allows tenants to rent housing with the possibility of buying it in the future at a pre-agreed price. This model has its specifics and requires careful examination of the contract terms before signing.

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