What are some great things to do on a weekend trip to Tenerife

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What Are Some Great Things To Do On A Weekend Trip To Tenerife

If you’re going on a trip to the Canary Islands, it’s worth planning an itinerary in advance to see as many sights as possible. For those staying in Tenerife, a walk through the streets of the capital, Santa Cruz, is a good starting point for exploring and shopping.

From here, explore the south of Tenerife, particularly the Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, El Palmar and other areas. They amaze visitors with their beauty and comfort.

To enjoy the luxury of the archipelago you can take a tour bus. 

The tour will show you:

Marine Park.
The Art Space Museum.
Guimer Theatre.

Contemporary art flourishes all over the world and in the capital city of Tenerife you can experience the best works in one day.
Discover how the local people lived centuries ago on a trip. Visit the Museum of Nature and Man. A collection of mummies is on display there. When you get hungry, head to the local market. Not only can you buy delicious food there, but you can also taste the fish that will be cooked right in front of you.

Nature and beaches

The Canaries are a great place to get away from the daily grind. There are unspoilt areas that allow you to switch off from reality and immerse yourself in your own thoughts. The forest paths will lead you into a true fairytale, with trees and flowers of incredible beauty.

There are plenty of beaches on the island, which are also far from civilisation. The clean sandy beaches, clear waves and warm sunshine make for an even more pleasant holiday. You can head to the beaches:


El Socorr;

El Duque.

There you can have fun with your children, go surfing or take a walk and enjoy the clean air.
Couples in love often head to Conquistador beach. It overlooks the island of La Gomera. The incredible beauty allows you to completely forget all your worries and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the seashore.

For a sense of scale and to see all the beauty at once, book a helicopter tour. You can fly over the southern part of Tenerife in the company of your loved ones. The island is also the biggest exporter of bananas. Don’t miss a chance to visit an agricultural farm and see the conditions under which the delicious fruit ripens.

Itineraries for hiking

Top 5 places to visit:

  • Loro Park;
  • Siam Park;
  • Dolphinarium;
  • Diving;
  • Flamingo show.

If walking is what you’re after, head to Anaga Park. It has preserved the nature of past centuries and the forests have delighted visitors for centuries. You can walk around the park on your own or visit with a guide who will tell you amazing facts.

The Teno Country Park is another local attraction. There are deep gorges, a cheese factory, and tranquil beaches. As you enjoy the guide’s tales, try not to miss a single detail that will take you back to the beauty and charm of the Spanish islands.

If you decide to visit Teide National Park, don’t forget to take the cable car up. The experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable, as the walk along the paths along the volcano at enormous altitude is a hugely rewarding one. On your way, pick a suitable brunch that you’re sure to miss in your home country.

Tenerife has the world’s largest volcano tube. It can be found in the Cave of the Wind. The subterranean scenery impresses even those who have already seen a lot of natural beauty. There are 18km of adventure ahead. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes as it can be quite a challenge to hike in high heels.

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