Typical Spanish houses: cortijo and caserio

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Typical Spanish houses cortijo and caserio

Spain is famous not only for its gentle sun, azure sea and fiery dances, but also for its unique architecture. The charm of authentic Spanish houses captivates at first sight. Today we will get acquainted with two types of traditional dwellings: cortijo and caserio.

Cortijo: Andalusian pearl

Cortijo is a snow-white one-story house, typical of southern Spain, in particular Andalusia. Its appearance is dictated by the hot climate of the region. Thick walls made of stone or brick provide coolness on a hot day, and a flat roof with a terrace (asotea) allows you to enjoy the coolness of the evening and the starry sky.

Cortijo - andalusian pearl

Features of Cortijo:

A simple but functional layout: the living area is usually divided into a kitchen, living room, several bedrooms and a bathroom.
Patio: the heart of the house, where an atmosphere of comfort and peace reigns. Here you can hide from the scorching sun, enjoy the murmur of the fountain and the greenery of plants.
Exterior: Whitewash is traditionally used to reflect the sun’s rays and keep the house cool.
Decorative elements: forged bars on the windows, ceramic tiles, arches, mosaics – all this creates a unique flavor of the Andalusian home.

Caserio: Basque fortress

A caserio is a multi-story farmhouse common in the Basque Country. Its harsh appearance reflects the characteristics of the northern climate of the region. The house is built of stone, and its massive walls serve as protection from winds and rains.

Caserio Features:

Practical design: living quarters, outbuildings, and sometimes barns are located under one roof.
Steeply pitched roof: protects from heavy rainfall.
Massive walls: made of stone, provide thermal insulation.
Minimalistic decor: due to the harsh climate and practicality of the Basques.

Cortijo and Caserio: two faces of Spain

Cortijo and Caserio are two prime examples of how architecture reflects the climate, culture and traditions of the region. Snow white Andalusian
pearls and rugged Basque fortresses – both types of houses captivate with their authenticity and unique flavor.

Spanish style: a dream come true

Dreaming of your own piece of Spain? Elements of Spanish style in architecture and design will help make your dream come true.

Color scheme: use terracotta, ocher, olive, white.
Materials: natural stone, ceramic tiles, forged elements.
Decor: mosaic, arches, authentic accessories.
Remember: the main thing is not to copy blindly, but to create an atmosphere that will be close to you.

Spain is a country of contrasts where there is something for everyone. The charm of authentic Spanish houses will not leave any traveler indifferent.

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