Pros and cons of living in Tenerife

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Плюсы и минусы жизни на Канарах

Many people dream of living near the ocean. When every morning you can leave the house and enjoy the light breeze, inhale the fresh and warm air. Spain, in particular, the Canary Islands, is considered a truly heavenly place. This region has its own laws, traditions, which are never too late to get acquainted with.

However, life on the islands brings not only advantages, but also disadvantages. If you are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, constantly hurry, the calmness of coastal settlements may surprise you. Once you get used to the islands, you will be able to enjoy their beauty, take a dip in the cool ocean and do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with nature reserves that you cannot find in a big city.


Advantages of the Canary Islands

Mild climate is the main advantage of the archipelago. The sun shines all year round and temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius. In the south it is a little warmer, and in the northern part there may be unexpected rains.

Amazing nature awaits at every corner. At any time you can go:
· to the mountains;
· to the coniferous forest;
· to the beach.

The area is always clean, there is no such amount of garbage that can be seen in other countries.
The ecology is not damaged by civilization. There are no factories that smoke the city, no waste dumps. The soil is suitable for growing vegetables and fruits, which are sold at an affordable price.

A small island is the dream of many who come to the archipelago from noisy cities. Here you don’t have to waste time on trips, the farthest point is a two-hour drive. There are practically no traffic jams, so traveling around Tenerife is exceptionally pleasant.

The prices of products are similar to the cost of goods in Europe, some of them can be bought much cheaper. Vegetable markets on the street are open several times a week, most often on weekends. Clothes will be at a lower cost if you go shopping not in branded stores, but take a walk through the usual market.


Disadvantages of living in the archipelago

Kalima is considered one of the serious disadvantages. This is a desert wind that significantly increases the air temperature regardless of the time of year. We can say that this is good, because even in winter you can not freeze. But the wind also brings small particles of sand, which immerse the island in a slight haze.

The grains of sand settle on the balconies, the air becomes too dry. This phenomenon has a harmful effect on the health of allergy sufferers, so you should avoid walking in the wind.

Medicine is available only to those who have insurance. Every month you need to pay a certain amount in order to be able to be treated if necessary. Children and women in position can go for inspection free of charge.

No less difficulty arises when you need to purchase certain goods.

They are related to certain circumstances:
· delivery from online stores that are located on the mainland may not be carried out to the Canary Islands;
· shopping centers work strictly according to the schedule and close early, and on holidays they may not work at all;
· the afternoon siesta takes away the opportunity to take a walk to the nearest store during the break, as they close for several hours.

The cost of utilities is a little high. Electricity can be expensive for residents with an average budget. Rental housing is also not cheap, it all depends on the chosen place of residence. Small apartments or low-cost houses are suitable for a few people, while more luxurious apartments designed for a large family will cost a pretty penny.

The main disadvantage that affects the standard of living is “manyana”. It means “tomorrow” in Spanish. This is a word that is actively used by representatives of any service industry. If household appliances break down in your house, you will have to wait a long time for the master, because every day he will promise to come tomorrow. You can also leave the car in repair and wait for tomorrow, which comes at best in a few weeks.


In general, life in Tenerife is much brighter and more interesting than in the metropolis. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the purity of nature, stay in light clothes, regardless of the season.


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