Where to go to the Canary Islands

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Canary Islands – Where To Go

The Canary Islands are a beach lover’s paradise. The archipelago has plenty of activities and attractions to see. 

The first place almost every tourist goes is Tenerife. 

It is the largest island with a huge concentration of resorts.

Here you can climb to the highest point of Spain, Volcan Teide. It’s located in a protected area that offers incredible beauty. Take a cable car ride and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

If you want to walk around the port, go on a boat tour. During the walk you will see whales and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Another attraction is the Rural de Anaga Biosphere Reserve. The views are spectacular from the moment you set foot in the area and you will see laurel trees, coves to swim in and unique bird species. The area is perfect for learning to dive or sail a boat.



Palm Island has beautiful, dense forests with clear air, clear waterfalls and volcanoes. There are few landscaped beaches, so it’s more for walking than swimming. You can watch the stars at night. You don’t have to stop outside and look up – there’s the Roque de los Muchachos observatory especially for astronomy lovers. It is very high up (2,396 metres above sea level), so nothing will get in the way of enjoying searching for the constellations.

The Caldera de Taburiente Nature Reserve is located within the island. It is protected by UNESCO. You can go to the observation point, which is located on a volcanic crater. There is a pine forest and a waterfall in which you can swim.



Beach lovers will find a cozy spot on the island of Fuerteventura. There is a constant breeze, so if you want to learn how to surf, head to the seaside. Some of the most popular beaches amongst tourists are:

– Gran Tarahal;

– Sotavento;

– La Concha.

When you get hungry, hurry to try Mahorero goat cheese. It’s only produced in a few cheese factories, so you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

An amazing place on the island is the village of Betancuria. It is located in the crater of a volcano that has long since gone extinct. The village was the capital of the island until 1834. And if you want to see an active volcano, head to the Corralejo Nature Park. You can enjoy desert scenery and huge dunes in the area.


Gran Canaria

For those who like an unusual and noisy holiday, Gran Canaria is the island. Here is the town of Las Palmas, the second capital of the archipelago. A complex of six resorts is located in Maspalomas. The coastline is 17km long.

Like Fuerteventura, it has dunes. The experience is like that of a true traveller on camelback and the challenge of exploring the local “Sahara”.

Another interesting Andalusian-style destination is Puerto de Mogán. You’ll enjoy the local architecture, strolling through the narrow streets. There are plenty of sailing boats along the coast and a boat trip along the canals.

One of the most beautiful towns on the island is Agaete. Local chefs offer the best in fresh fish. When you’ve finished lunch, take a walk around the Concepción church or head to the Huerto de las Flores Garden.



Lanzorte can be visited at any time of year. It is always full of tourists, especially those who want to learn how to surf. The best place to conquer the waves is Famara beach. The sandy beach and beachbreak are a great area for relaxation. Children and adults alike practice here.

The climate is stable and you can take a dip in the water, which reaches 20 degrees at any time of year. Constant waves increase towards winter, up to 4 metres high.

The amazing cuisine will appeal to every fan of unusual dishes. Here you can try malvasia, in which local goat cheese is added. And the wine, grown in lava tuff, develops an incredible flavour and aroma.


El Hierro

This island is considered one of the unique places in the archipelago. Its main features are its small size, combining all the beauty of the local nature. There are a lot of attractions, historical values. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy for those who love swimming and sunbathing.

If you want to enjoy the fresh air and the rustle of the leaves, head to the forest of La Dehesa. It’s a nature reserve and boasts the Sabina tree. Its height is up to 8 metres. You can also hike to Cape Orcilla. This is a layer of frozen lava. Here there is an ancient lighthouse that is situated in the western part of Spain. The zero meridian passes through it.

For a taste of the colourful atmosphere, head to the town of El Pinar. Here you can learn the handicrafts of the local population, buy musical instruments and original handicrafts.

La Gomera

La Gomera is the real island of Columbus. The navigator used to replenish his supplies here. The locals have created the Columbus House, which you can take a tour of. Climb up to the observation deck and see the whole town.

If outdoor activities are your priority, you can go fishing, hike the mountain slopes or visit the beaches with plenty of entertainment.

One of the resort areas is the Valle Grand Rey. Here you can not only explore the unique nature, but also see the sights and the national parks. The historic streets have been fully preserved, so you get to know how the local population lived hundreds of years ago. Endless travels around the archipelago will leave a huge imprint on your memory and you’ll definitely want to come back here again!


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