Calendar of activities you can experience in Tenerife soon

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1️⃣ Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Carnival in Tenerife is considered one of the brightest and most fun carnivals in the world🌍. For several weeks, the streets of the capital come alive with dances, music and costume processions. This event will certainly give you an unforgettable experience.✨

2️⃣ San Andres Festival: At the beginning of November, the San Andres Festival is celebrated, which is one of the most popular holidays on the island🏝. During the festival, the street squares are filled with traditional Spanish songs and dances💃, as well as gastronomic delights.

3️⃣ Festival “Dia de los Muertos”: November 1 in Tenerife is All Saints’ Day🙏. On this day, the island comes alive with the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival. Locals decorate the graves of their loved ones, hold processions and stage colorful cultural events to pay their respects to the departed.🧎

4️⃣ Santiago del Teide Festival: In July, the city of Santiago del Teide comes alive with its festival🎆. For several days, the streets are filled with music, dancing, carnival processions and sports🏋️ events. This is a great way to get to know the local culture and traditions.

5️⃣ Tenerife International Arts Festival: Every summer☀️ the island welcomes an international arts festival. For several weeks, artists from all over the world present a variety of arts, including theatre🎭, music, dance and visual arts. This festival is a real pleasure for all lovers of culture and creativity.

📢Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of celebration and diversity that Tenerife has to offer🌴. These festivals and events will add bright colors to your vacation and will be remembered for a long time!⭐️

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