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Resorts in Tenerife

In the south of the island the climate is warm and dry. In this part of practically no rainfall, and average daily fluctuations, and the average annual temperature is minimal. In the north, the cooler, high humidity and a temperature of 2-5 degrees lower than in the south. However, there is more lush vegetation and landscapes of incredible beauty. 



Las Americas has been leading the resorts for years now. A lazy place, where everything is just beginning after sunset. This is a quite democratic place in terms of prices, where tourists harmoniously coexist, both with limited financial resources and with a broad soul. There are apartments and economy class, and five-star hotels that honestly justify their status. The resort of Las Americas can be described in one phrase – “all inclusive”. Always a good, windless weather with a mild sun, a calm ocean and without protracted rains. It’s comfortable to get there: the airport is only twenty kilometers away. Sandy beaches with a nice fine sand. Here is the famous avenue Avenida – the center of the resort, where there is everything you just want to see, buy or eat. An endless number of restaurants and cafes with an international menu interspersed with clothing stores and shopping centers. You can stroll along the singing fountains, look into the concert hall with the pompous name “Pyramid of Arona” … The best of the best tourist infrastructures is located in the south of Tenerife.


A logical continuation, in no way inferior in popularity, but opposite in essence, is the resort of Costa Adeje. This is a quiet, family place for the privileged. The hotels here are chic, the prices are beyond. Self-sufficient tourists, stopping here, never hurry anywhere, idly relax somewhere in the day, and at night sleep. The stars heed the quiet streets … But this does not mean that there is no night life in Costa Adeje at all. First, belated restaurant guests create some kind of movement around the resort. Secondly, the closer to the border of Las Americas, the more noisy. Ultimately, reaching the boundaries of the resorts you can get to the quite decent disco El Faro.
It is not difficult to guess that the infrastructure of Costa Adeje is simpler than the American “neighbor”. But here the beaches are the best on Terenif. And here there is a stunning yacht port of Puerto Colon, where you can watch how the rich rest.


Puerto de la Cruz was once the first resort in attendance. And then they built Las Americas. In contrast to the “faceless”, in the sense of authenticity, the leader, Puerto has its own color, its own Canarian zest.
Here come to rest and just relax: take a stroll around the city, please look at the beautiful green gardens, eat delicious food in a restaurant that focuses on local residents, talk about something insignificant with a neighbor on the table, plenty of laziness, having a good sleep in a city-type hotel.
The sea here is worried, so visitors prefer to swim in special pools with sea water. In general, no extravagance, everything is calm and measured. Ideal resort for the older generation. But the youth, let’s say directly, to Puerto de la Cruz do nothing.


Los Cristianos is in the immediate vicinity of the resort of Las Americas and is not entirely logical its completion. It is a small, original town that has grown around a once-fishing village. Pleasant, measured rest with a Canarian accent: nice restaurants along narrow city streets are replaced by fruit shops and shops with appetizing pastries. If in addition to the desire to sunbathe, swim and walk after dinner, do not want anything else, the resort of Los Cristianos – the very thing. Although, even if you suddenly want to burn extra calories, you can walk to the eternal holiday in Las Americas.


El Medano – an intermediate stop during a global journey around the island, a resort for an amateur. Here there is a continuous pacification on the shore and utter ecstasy on the sea. Eternal winds allow you to ride the waves almost all year round.

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