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About Tenerife

The largest island of the Canary archipelago is Tenerife. It is the most popular European resorts. Love and devotion he deserves tourists due to its unique climate and natural beauty, which does not exist anywhere. About 10 million tourists every year from different countries visit this Spanish island. They want to come back to this paradise on earth again and again, and this is not surprising. Warm ocean coast, a comfortable climate all year round, an amazing fauna and unique flora, diversity of attractions, once you begin to approach the island you will never forget it.

Presumably the name “White” the island was due to the volcano Teide with snow-capped peaks. There is another version, whether it is the name of the island gave the Spaniards when they saw the natives of the island – the Guanches. To their surprise, the Guanches were tall, blond and had light skin.


The island divides the mountain range on the southern and northern parts. In the south of the island the climate is warm and dry. In this part of practically no rainfall, and average daily fluctuations, and the average annual temperature is minimal. In the north, the cooler, high humidity and a temperature of 2-5 degrees lower than in the south. However, there is more lush vegetation and landscapes of incredible beauty. Due to the volcanic origin of the island, the beaches of Tenerife covered black sand that looks very unusual and known for its healing effects.  On the slopes of the volcano, you can see the unique laurel forests, relict Dragon trees and Canary pine. The last one is known for its unusual property – it is absolutely do not burn. The special attraction of Tenerife – volcano crater 48 kilometers in diameter, formed as a result of one of the eruptions now reminds visitors of the power of nature.

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