ANY KIND OF REAL ESTATE IN SPAIN must be registered in REGISTRO DE PROPIEDAD (property register), where you can get full information about who is the owner of the property, what is its exact price, the exact area, and as about availability DEBT HOLDER. ADDRESSED TO THE OWNER’S CHIEF OFFICIALLYREGISTERED it is issued a document called ESCRITURA PUBLICA, which is then assigned its own REGISTRATION NUMBER OF ENTRIES FOR SHEET AND VOLUME ZANEENIYA it in a register. YOUR PROPERTY IN SPAIN LAWS is entitled only the owner or a person assigned to them and having a notarized power of attorney. SOMETIMES RIGHT SALES trust AGENCIES, SO THE AGENCY MUST have the appropriate license. Each firm or agency also has Escritura whose data is stored in the register PROPERTY SPAIN, WHERE CAN I HELP ESTABLISH ABOUT IT. If you suddenly have a question of lack of confidence, in which case you issued a document, called NOTA SIMPLE INFORMATIVA (Nota Simple Information). IF SOME PROPERTY OWNERS OR OWNER married, according REQUIREMENTS OF THE CIVIL CODE OF SPAIN ON THE SALE MUST presence and consent of all the owner or notarized power of attorney from them.


After you select the appropriate property and a decision about its purchase is a private sales contract in which, inter alia, specifies the conditions and method of payment. When signing the contract, as is customary, the buyer pays 10% of the property value, thereby reserving the property for themselves. Further, for 1-2 months at a notary deed is issued – the main official document of sale – Escritura Publica or simply “Escritura”. The remaining amount of money paid when signing the Escritura, and then you become the full owner. And there are different terms of payment, for example, it is possible to get a loan, as a rule, it is 70% maximum to 80% of property value for non-residents of Spain. All this is stipulated in the contract before signing it. Escritura is signed by the buyer and seller in the notary office in the presence of a Spanish notary. The Escritura as desired can be made not only the name of the owner, but also his entire family. After signing the contract, the buyer must contact your local police so-called N.I.E. (Identification number of the foreigner), then to the right to pay all taxes. After the signing procedure should also register your property in the Property Register of Spain. The registration process usually lasts about three months.


Annual property tax on Tenerife is 120-700 Euro, depending on the value of the property. It is paid to the local mayor’s office – Ayuntamento. To not worry about the timing and amounts of payments in the town hall, you can leave your bank account number, and the tax will be deducted automatically every year. Just postupyut and utilities, and pay for garbage collection, and electricity and water.

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