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Los Cristianos
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The main advantages of investment in land in this area:

- Capitalization.

- Multifunctionality.

- Reliability of investments. The land market, like the real estate market, is subject to a constant price increase. This allows you to earn a little on the ground, even if you buy land and subsequently resell it simply.


A plot of land in Los Cristianos. Plot area of 9055 m2 at a price of 355 euro / m2.
Roof total building 4401 m2. Edificable 4499 m2, in services 150 m2, in attachment 150 m2, total beds allowed 151. Definitely we can say that the investment is profitable to buy land is in the southern part of the island. All year round the main number of tourists rests here. Under their needs, all the necessary infrastructure has been created. It provides a steady demand for rental of tourist accommodation.
Climatic features create a favorable “investment weather” of the island. The geographical location of Canary provides a unique natural climate. Here, moderate summer temperatures. Rarely exceeding 25 ° C. In winter, not lower than + 15 ° C. Thus, the average air temperature of about + 22 ° C, the water in the ocean + 20 ° C. And the number of sunny days in the year is about 283. Therefore, the Canary is called the place of “eternal spring”. Which in turn provides here year-round influx of tourists from around the world.
Los Cristianos for quite some time is among the three most popular resorts of the island of Tenerife. And the island, among other things, annually receives about 4 million visitors from all over Europe, America and Asia. Especially a lot of Scandinavians, Germans and British. Los Cristianos – a small town located on the east of the island of Tenerife. It is located at the foot of Montaña de Guacu, near the area of Playa de las Americas. There is no clear boundary between the city of Los Cristianos and Las Americas resort area. But being in a small, cozy town you will immediately feel that found themselves in a peaceful tourist area.

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