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The largest Canary island of Tenerife has long been famous for its unique climate, picturesque landscape and infrastructure. Thanks to this, he is on the list of the most desired and prestigious resorts in the world. However, it is not necessary to consider Tenerife only as a tourist zone. The island offers great opportunities for their own businesses and investment projects. This can be confirmed by many foreign nationals who have acquired here real estate or their own businesses. In Tenerife today the most favorable conditions for investing are created. Because inflow of foreign capital is crucial to the island’s economy, and strongly supported by the local authorities.
Our company can offer you a unique investment projects, for example such as this.
• A plot of land with an area of 6384m2 is sold in the south of Tenerife.
• The site is located in the most popular resort – Los Cristianos.
• Purpose of the land: for construction.
• The building area can occupy 2969 m2.
• In this area, you can build 30 bungalows with a total of 106 beds.
• The cost of the plot is 2.574.800 €
The unique climatic conditions of the southern coast of Tenerife, sandy long beaches and clear ocean turned Los Cristianos in the 60s from a small village to a beautiful spa town. In winter, the air temperature is 16-23 С, and on the hottest day it does not exceed 32 С. In the western part of Los Cristianos is known since the 16th century fishing village. She continues to live a leisurely and original life.
But the eastern part – a tourist area, very often built up with hotels and resorts. Its distinctive feature is the serene atmosphere reigning here. That’s why Los Cristianos attracts Europeans and Americans. All year round they come here and spend your long-awaited vacation here.
Experts agree that the most profitable investment projects in Tenerife are investing in real estate. Every year, on the island there is a steady rise in property prices. Such investment projects are attractive in that, with small risks, they have high profitability. In addition, any real estate – it is a real asset, and therefore has a higher reliability.

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