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Hotel 710

Canary Islands
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Key features:
  • Investment in the hotel chain;
  • 6 hotels with 967 rooms;
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Santander 2 hotels
  • Portugal
  • Cordoba
  • 160.000.000 euros.

We present to your attention an amazing investment, 6 hotels for sale!

Hotels have total 967 rooms.

  • In Barcelona there is a hotel with 189 rooms
  • In Madrid there is a hotel with  361 rooms
  • In Santander there are two hotels with 103 rooms each
  • In Portugal there is a hotel with 158 rooms
  • In Córdoba there is a hotel with 156 rooms

On sale with a company without debts. Have a tour operator but sell without.

It is profitable to invest in Spain literally everything: in real estate, both residential and commercial, as well as in a ready-made business. I must say that investment in Spanish real estate has long been interested in business people. Firstly, for those who like to relax in the Spanish Mediterranean resorts, buying property in this country gives confidence in the future – when coming here to rest, these people do not depend on the availability of places in local hotels or on their staff. Secondly, by purchasing residential real estate in Spain, you can not only come here once or twice a year for a holiday, but you can stay for a long period, and maybe, over time, move here to a permanent place of residence. Thirdly, the investment in the hotel business always pays off, especially when it comes to resort towns. So do not miss this opportunity, call us!

Price is 160.000.000 euros.

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