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Villas for sale in the south of Tenerife

Welcome to  House Tenerife a property group in Tenerife!  Villas for sale in the south of Tenerife – our main field.

If you are planning to buy a villa in Tenerife, then you have a number of questions: which district to choose, which type to pay attention to, whether the procedure for buying in the Canary Islands differs from the procedure in other regions of Spain, etc. The task of our agency is to help you find profitable real estate based on your requirements and provide a full range of services from A to Z.

Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Thanks to the subtropical climate, the holiday season lasts here all year round, which positively affects the real estate market. Properly selected real estate in Tenerife can become not only a pleasant and successful purchase, but also a highly profitable investment project. Prices for the villas are not subject to fluctuations.
Tenerife is divided into 31 districts, 29 of which have access to the ocean. Having united, the districts form three main zones: the southern, northern and urban areas of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The highest demand for real estate enjoys the southern zone. Here the most popular resorts, the best beaches, beautiful sea front with amazing views, developed infrastructure, and  high service.
For a magnificent and comfortable residence for the whole family, choose villas with Sea view and pool for sale in Las Americas, Fanabe, Torviscas, Adeje, Los Cristianos, Playa de las Vistas.
032-3Most of the clients who decide to buy a villa with a swimming pool are asked to pick up a property with an area of ​​several hundred square meters and a house with a huge plot of land, that, in fact, they do not really need. These properties  cost a round sum.  And later it turns out that for recreation in Spain several times a year, such “locks” are completely unnecessary. To all our clients, we recommend before deciding on the purchase of real estate, determine the housing area, remoteness from the sea, the number of m2 you really need. This is determined, first of all, by the number and composition of your family (small children, schoolchildren, pensioners). Secondly – the goals that you set for yourself, buying a villa in Tenerife (for recreation, for permanent residence or subsequent leasing in order to obtain additional income). Do not overpay for extra square meters.
The best and most prestigious property for living in Tenerife of course is villa. Buy a property in Playa del Duque, Playa Fanabe, Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan – it means to make a successful investment of your capital.
In recent decades, the development of tourism in Tenerife has consistently provided a nice economic environment and high rates of real estate construction. Investments of foreign capital in Spain are an important component of the country’s economy, including the Tenerife Islands, and  welcomed by the local government . For a number of factors, the most profitable sphere of capital investment is the real estate market:
– Property prices in Tenerife are lower than in the resort areas of mainland Spain.

– Profitability of real estate is provided by constant demand and high rental prices.


Villas are elite real estate. Deciding to make such  purchase you will certainly need the help of specialists, consultants,  lawyers, notaries who are experienced in the peculiarities of buying villas in Tenerife.


Turning to us, you can count on:


– the work of qualified specialists who speak your language;


– full support of the transaction (from consultation – until final registration of documentation and transfer of ownership to the name of the new owner);


– full compliance of documentation in accordance with legislation;


– decency and reliability;


– efficiency;


– high quality of the services provided and complete confidentiality.


Have time to find your perfect home – buy villa in Tenerife with us it is easy and simple!»


Become the owner of the villa and live surrounded by tropical gardens on the ocean coast, enjoying  sun every day, with our agency you can go through several standard stages:

– Arrival in Tenerife (with you need to have a passport and documents confirming your income);
– Selection, review and select property;
– Signing a contract of intent;
– Obtaining the number of the foreigner N.I.E .;
– Opening a bank account in any of the Canary banks;
– If necessary, obtaining a mortgage for the property to be acquired;
– Signing of the contract of purchase at the notary.

In 3 days returning home, you are already the owner of real estate in Spain (Tenerife). Within 3-4 weeks you receive an extract from the register of the owners of Spain, confirming your rights. Based on this extract from the registry, buy a ticket for the plane and return to your new home in Tenerife!


The price policy of villas in Tenerife is made up of many factors. In addition to standard factors – the area and residential area play the role of distance from the beach, the number of floors, the presence of a swimming pool, garden, year of construction, the availability of furniture, appliances, repairs and much more. In our catalog you can find out more in detail with the villas for sale.

Villas in Tenerife! How many times have you thought about buying one of these houses? It’s time to start living  you dream!

Your new life on the island can begin tomorrow. It’s enough just to tell us about your intentions. In addition to assisting in all matters relating to the purchase of a villa in Tenerife, you can fully rely on our support in matters related to the beginning of residence on the island. We will organize a visit to Tenerife, we will submit documents for the receipt of your identification number (NIE). We will help you to obtain a residence permit, give practical advice related to the arrangement of family and personal life, business management in Tenerife, etc. If necessary, we can also recommend the services of competent specialists in various fields (landscape design, construction and architecture). But the main thing is that we own the most extensive base of villas for sale and fresh information about the development of the southern coast of Tenerife. Do not postpone life for later! Call or order a callback on the site, write to the chat.

 We are waiting for you at any time!
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