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Legal services

Having significant experience in the Spanish market in the field of management, consulting and investment, Real Exclusive offfers a wide range of legal and related services, all provided at highest levels of professionalism and integerity.
Our specialists provide full support of transactions and help solve financial, legal and administrative issues when buying or opening a business, ensuring their transparency and security for each customer.
• Investment consulting.
Consultations and support of transactions related to the purchase of real estate and operating business in Spain.
• Tax consulting.
Registration of tax declarations and optimization of the tax base for individuals and legal entities, registration of legal entities, accounting and audit.
• Assistance in opening a business in Spain (registration of a Spanish company, finding partners, renting or buying a business, etc.).
• Opening of bank accounts and deposits of various types in banks of Spain, assistance in processing debit cards.
• Management of business and real estate.
Insurance, taxation, maintenance. Registration in public services. Conclusion of contracts for supply of electricity, water supply, etc.
• Consulting support.
Assistance in mortgage and personal loans. Preparation and submission of documents for registration of a mortgage for the purchase or construction of real estate. Consultations on short-term and long-term lease agreements for tenants and landlords.
• Legal and legal support.
Solution of various issues within the framework of labor, international, financial and administrative law. Setting up of companies with any form of ownership in Spain.
• Evaluation and determination of the market value of real estate of any class.
• Notarization of the sale-purchase in accordance with the current legislation of Spain.
• Registration of N.I. E. – identification number of the foreigner (required when buying property in Spain).
• Maintenance on all issues of operation and leasing (if necessary) of purchased housing.
• Obtaining an extract from the property register for the registration of the annual Schengen multivisa.
• All types of insurance.
• Translation services.
• Other legal services and advice in the field of real estate.  Help and advice when preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit.
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