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Although the territory of the Canary Islands belongs to Spain, Tenerife cuisine – a combination of several culinary tastes of different countries.

Traditional Canarian cuisine is the main attraction of the island. The book contains ancient dishes Guanche (indigenous inhabitants of the island), the bright Spanish recipes and traditions of African peoples, as well as  popular Latin American traditions.


Many centuries ago, the climatic features of the terrain, mountain terrain, a small amount of fertile land Guanche formed a fairly simple cuisine. It included a lot of meat dishes, mostly prepared from venison. And of course, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean affected the popularity of seafood and fish dishes.

The fish is cooked here is very simple – boiled or roasted on the grill. You can taste Mediterranean fish soup – Zarzuela or Sakonho, which is a dried fish. The most common dish, come down from the Guanches – GOFIO. You can try it out in local restaurants away from the resorts. Prepare Refried GOFIO of corn flour, diluted with milk or water. GOFIO eaten instead of bread and other dishes, or used for breakfast.


Pork  is considered a valuable product, and the most popular dish of pork is considered a “festive meat”. Pork meat is soaked for the festive cooked by local traditions juicy marinade. Generally such special marinades prepared only on the Canary archipelago. Another popular dish is made from rabbit and served with a delicious sauce. They call this dish – “Conejo”. The meat is served, “Papas”. It potatoes, in their skins. Her long boiled in salted, worth a try. In the kitchen are common beans, peas and other legumes. as a seasoning used pepper, garlic, saffron. By “Papas” and “tapas” is usually served cold famous sauce “Mojo”. It can be red or green. Another characteristic feature of the Tenerife dishes is goat cheese. Eat it or just added to the preparation of various dishes. Among other things, food Tenerife is rich in delicious sweets, desserts (prepared them mostly from eggs, honey, almond milk (benmesable, flan, Leche Asada) and needless to say – coffee. Elegant coffee! This drink, with great taste comes hire in many variations.

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