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Hotels for sale

object-211-01Who buys hotels in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuerteventura, La Gomera today?

Business for sale in Tenerife and other Canary Islands choose successful, self-confident people, who are ready to change life, for the better. Proposals for the sale of mini-hotels, tourist complexes, hotels, there are not so common, such as bars or restaurants. But still you can find a good option for investment that best fits your requirements. For example, you can buy a small country hotel with 10 rooms, or buy a huge tourist complex with a restaurant, and spa complex. In the first and in the second case, hundreds of customers every day will bring you good revenue. Having bought a small hotel or apartment complex, where everyone will benefit. Tenerife tourist flow never stops. This year we beat Balearic Islands and increase flow by 20%. Every tourist wants to stay in a cozy and comfortable apartment. Hotel, tourist complex or hostel will be an excellent means of investing your money. Being the owner of the finished business in Tenerife, you’ll get a steady income, exciting work, the possibility to operate in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. And what could be better than a swim in the ocean after a stressful days, enjoying the warm waves, beautiful beaches and sunsets.

Hotels – business for sale in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, Fuerteventura, La Gomera from owners.

Many of today’s hotel owners in Tenerife “burned” their investments during the crisis in Spain. This had a negative impact on their financial situation. As a result, they are forced to sell their business. Therefore, hotel real estate market appeared very attractive offers in all price categories. They attract buyers from around the world. After all, many are looking and waiting for a good opportunity to penetrate the lucrative market of Tenerife.

object-186-01Hotels for sale in the south of Tenerife are in great demand, than in the Main Land or Other islands.

The southern coast of Tenerife is a perfect place for recreation, both in summer and in the winter season. South Airport connects the popular resorts with nearly all many major European cities. It attracts tourists who come for only a few days, and tourists for long periods of remaining here.
In the south, well-developed tourism infrastructure. There are theme parks, excellent entertainment, cultural attractions, and of course, fabulous beaches, shopping centers, golf courses, famous restaurants, water parks
The island of Tenerife is one of the world’s highest customer retention rates. The share of visitors, who have visited the island many times, is 70%. If you managed to create a comfortable environment for the leisure traveler, be sure – sure customers come back to you.

Hotel – Buy a Business in Tenerife, which requires the participation of local companies.

The right decision when buying a ready business in Tenerife will work with local agencies that have a large database of real estate. Such agencies can offer a wide choice of different types of businesses for sale; provide a full range of consulting and legal services.
Try to determine how frequently updated database of the agency. Best of all, if the information is updated throughout the week.
The advantages of the tourist business purchases through local agencies in Tenerife:
– the lack of a language barrier;
– the organization of study visits;
– full support of the transaction; Registration of necessary documents in state bodies;
– assistance in obtaining an identification number of the foreigner (N.I.E.); Opening a bank account; getting in the territorial registry of certificate on real property (Escritura Publica); and other questions solved by professionals for you.

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