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The beaches of Tenerife incredibly beatiful. And they are one of the main attractions of the island. The beauty and comfort of beach areas feel anyone who will give themselves a fascinating trip to the popular Canary Island. Here you will find beaches for every taste: sandy, pebble, rocky, black, white. At the beaches of Tenerife a unique feature – this is one of the few places in the world where most of them are covered with black sand, which was formed after the eruption of the volcano Teide.  All the beaches of Tenerife and free, so even the most prestigious of them are located at the five-star hotels are free of charge and open to public. The hotel does not have its own closed beaches. All of them belonds to goverment. So you can swim and sunbathe at any place you like.

Natural beaches on the island are among the rocks and covered with a dark, almost black sand. The rest – artificial, are located in the main tourist area in the south of Tenerife. These beaches are closed from the waves (in contrast to the north, where the restless ocean and high waves), covered with fine sand and gray shades can offer the whole range of services and beach water sports.

Let us consider in detail the best beaches on the coast of Tenerife.


The relatively wide (30-40m) Playa del Duque (Playa Del Duque) is considered to be a popular destination for families. It is located in the resort of Costa Adeje (Costa Adeje). Prices are slightly higher than the average for the island. The resort is famous for a large number of five-star hotels and upscale restaurants. But relaxing on the beach with a light gray shade and clear water will surely be calm.


Wonderful little beach with black sand – El Bollullo (El Bollullo). Volcano Teide (Teide), painted this beach in to black, located almost in the center of the island. Such sand has healing abilities. We believe that soak up the warmth of the sand will be useful, no matter what color. Beach El Bollullo enjoy romantic nature lovers and colorful hiking, as it is located at a remote distance from the main island resorts. You can get here from the most ancient resort of Puerto de la Cruz (Puerto de la Cruz), located in the northern part of the island. Get ready for the long walk through the landscaped path through palm groves and picturesque scenery. Beach will impress you with its pristine beauty. There is usually not crowded. In a small cafe, you can eat and gain strength for the trip. Note In the opposite direction you will have to go up the hill.


The jewel of the resort of Los Cristianos (Los Cristianos) is, of course, the beach Playa – De Las Vistas (Playa De Las Vistas). It is located in the southern part of Tenerife. This is the largest beach in length up to 900 meters and a width of more than 100 meters. This paradise was stretched in an artificial cove, which protects against the waves of all lovers of water sports. There is enough crowded and lively, but at the expense of impressive size, beach not created any inconvenience. Sand white,l with light gray tint. On the beach – De Las Vistas has everything you need for easy and carefree relaxation: showers, deck chairs, umbrellas, cafes, benches, as well as for all water activities.


Playa de Las Teresitas (Playa de las Teresitas) is just a few kilometers from the capital Santa Cruz. No doubt it can be considered the most spectacular man-made beach on the island of Tenerife. More precisely beach has been here before, but the authorities in 1973, making out a fabulous perspective of the area decided to equip and bring the yellow sand from the Sahara desert. Specially built stone spit along the beach with impeccable tourists of grooving on the Atlantic waves. Complete the image of the Playa de las Teresitas planted along the palm. Now even the most demanding tourists can enjoy superb beach, which is able to meet any requirements.


Surfers recommend a wonderful beach as artificial – Playa Jardin (Playa Jardin). He did not fence off the waves, so there may be high enough, to the delight of surfers.  Beach covered with fine, dark gray sand stretches a picturesque garden with a beautiful floral design. Therefore, the beach has a respective second naming «Garden Beach». The project was created by architect beach Cesar Manrique and surpassed all expectations. That’s why the beach Playa Jardin collects a large number of guests from all over the island. Its total length of 700 meters and a width of not more than 50 meters.


In the same small coastal town of El Medano where the wind and waves blows almost continuously located beach Playa del Medano (Playa del Medano). For these kinds of water sports like windsurfing and kite surfing this place is considered the best. There are many shops where you can rent the necessary equipment and cafes where you can eat at a low price, and tents with a variety of products. In El Medano several hotels and a wide range of private apartments, which you can rent from us.

Of course beaches in Tenerife are many more, but these six are considered to be the best representatives of the beautiful island. Regardless of your preference, the surest act during the holidays is to visit them all, at least it will be interesting. Remember that thrills stay with us forever, so let them be as much as possible. Enjoy your vacation in the best beaches of the island of Tenerife!

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