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Bars, cafes and restaurants for sale in Tenerife

What is more profitable: to buy ready or to start business or new business in Canary Islands?
We offer our customers a large selection of ready-made businesses: bars and restaurants for sale in the south of Tenerife.
Bars and restaurants for sale in Tenerife.

Bars and restaurants for sale in Tenerife.

Most people prefer to start a new business, rather than buying an already operating business in Tenerife.
This belief is because people consider this option cheaper. But is it really so? Today, many entrepreneurs want to come from European countries (Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Russia) with the idea of opening their limited liability company, to start trading in Tenerife. Let’s see what you can expect from this. Starting a new business in Tenerife is much more difficult than it seems. You definitely can not start making money in a few months. To organize your own business and start legally, you will have to overcome bureaucratic barriers. Study local laws, obtain licenses. You will need to find trading associate, arrange and equip your new business in accordance with legal requirements. Even if you are fluent in Spanish, the stage of formation will become a challenge.

 It is better and more easy to find pubs, restaurants and café – as a ready to go business for sale in Las Americas, Fanabe, Torviscas, Adeje, Los Cristianos, Playa de las Vistas.
 Such cafes and restaurants will bring guaranteed income regardless of the season. As is known, the holiday
season in Canary Islands lasts the whole year.
Pubs, restaurants and café – as a ready to go business for sale

Café – as a ready to go business for sale.

Buying a ready-made business will bring you a number of significant advantages. If you buy a ready-made business, the price of its purchase will include everything that you need. Licenses, contracts and all clerical and bureaucratic work will be “placed on the shelves”. You can immediately become a chief of the business and the next day start making money. Obviously, when buying a ready-made business, the risks are much lower. In addition, if you carefully calculate all the costs of creating a new business, you will be surprised to find that the costs of ready to go business will be less. Compare to continental Europe the prices for many cafes, bars, restaurats in Tenerife are quite low.

 The services of «RealExclusive» are based on the principles of professionalism, high level of service and dedication to the interests of customers. Our goal is to represent and protect your interests, while participating in the transaction of buying business in Tenerife. After the transactions, buyers, owners and sellers of the business in Tenerife remain our friends. Some clients turn to us for help again and again.

 So, what we do. Our guarantee:

– Confidentiality 

– Security of the transaction
– Individual approach
– Observance of legislation
– Minimum commission
 In addition to pubs and restaurants, you can choose on our website Tea Rooms, Bakeries , Confectioners.
Buy a ready to go Business in Playa del Duque, Playa Fanabe, Los Gigantes, Playa San Juan with us in two steps.
1) Select the business you like. 
 2) Contact Us.
 We are always ready to find the right business in accordance with your needs, wishes and personal requirements. First, we will try to get to know you and understand your desires and requests. If you do not have a clear idea about your future business in Tenerife, we are ready to make recommendations and advice in identifying the type of activity that is most suitable for you personally. Advice on the Areas where it will or won’t work, in regarding of many underwater stones that might or not might be.
 You can choice a redy to go business on which is constantly updated and review the available offers. If you can not find a suitable obusiness on our page or you need more information, please contact us for personal advice. Therefore, we can begin to lead the process of individual search for business that suits you.
 You will always have our support in the process of choosing and deciding on the future of business oportunities in Tenerife
For example, several new businesses for sale in Tenerife. 
object-171-01Restaurant for sale. This wonderful restaurant is located in a great area of the resort of Los Cristianos. restaurants with good Spainish food, establishment looks modern. Nice atmosphere, good location and high quality service. That provides stable and high income. The area inside the building – 250 m2, terrace – 50 m2. Recently refurbished. The kitchen is equipped, electricity, air conditioning. Beautiful new furniture. It’s a good deal – buy this business for the price 199000 €. Because in Spain, to spend a great time people always go to the restaurant. (More information)
object-200-01Stylish bar in the prestigious residential area of Los Cristianos. The owners of the bar did not spare a penny for its arrangement and used only high-quality materials to create a stylish atmosphere. There is a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, an excellent bar and quality furniture for visitors. The tastefully decorated bar invites guests to take their sits inside or on the terrace. The area of the bar – inside 80m2 and plus a terrace – 60 m2. Thanks to its stylish atmosphere, as well as always friendly and professional service, this bar has earned many regular and satisfied customers. Price: 25000 €. (More information)
object-125-06Comfortable and cozy café-bar in Costa Adeje. The current license: bar/café. Inside area – 50 m2, terrace – 35 m2, and 2 toilets (new plumbing).
Seats – about 70 people. Fully equipped kitchen, new furniture, a stereo system, air conditioning, signaling system. Location with very good cross – always a lot of tourists. Conventional local customers often visit this place. Excellent income. This restaurant has great potential. Hurry to purchase this lucrative business in the popular area of Adeje – at a very low price – 75,000 euro.
Rent: 2000/month. (More information)
What to choose – bar, pub, café, restaurant, Tea Rooms, Bakers & Confectioners in Tenerife – today already decide!
 In addition we providing assistance in all matters related to the purchase of business in Tenerife. You can count on our support in matters related to the beginning of your new life on the island. We will organize your visit to Tenerife, we will submit documents for the receipt of your identification number (NIE). We will help with the registration of a residence permit, the opening of a bank account and assist in the process of a mortgage. We will provide you of practical advice related to the arrangement of your life and doing business in Tenerife. If necessary, we can also recommend the services of competent specialists capable of providing qualified support in legal and financial matters.
 Most importantly, we own the most complete and updated information about the development of the southern coast of Tenerife, with which we are ready to share with our clients.
 Do not postpone life for later! Call or order a call back on the website, write in chat. Act now! Good luck!
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