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Attractions and entertainment

Tenerife – the place that says “paradise on earth”. In this beautiful corner of the world people are not only nice break from the bustle of city life, gain strength and energy from nature, but also have fun in amusement parks, get an unforgettable experience of visiting local attractions. Approaching the island, you will see its greatness striking Teide. His foot came solidified lava flows, craters and destroyed ancient weathered rocks bizarre. All together – a “National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide”. And most likely, the wildlife park, is probably the first place where you will be offered to go. Teide Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get to the highest point in Spain will help the cable car and the hiking trails. Walking through it will make it possible fully to enjoy the incomparable scenery, rare species of flora and fauna, and, of course, sleeping crater. The most beautiful season in the park from April to June. During this period, here everything is fragrant and blooms.


The most famous building on the island of Tenerife, which can  not even be described, is the construction of Auditorio de Tenerife. This avant-garde modern facility, built in 2003, is both a concert venue, and the Opera House. Experts who know a lot about acoustics and orchestral symphony halls, consider this hall one of the best in the world. Auditorio de Tenerife is in the progressive architectural style, with super-modern taste, perhaps, to find at least some object like him, never succeed. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has embodied their most powerful ideas in the design of the unique attractions of Tenerife. All those who are just going to go to the Canary Islands or have a rest here can watch theatrical performances or attend a concert at the Auditorio de Tenerife as full audience. Tickets for the show can be purchased directly at the box office Auditorio de Tenerife.


For those who appreciate the archaeological sites, it will be interesting to go to the pyramids of Güímar. Despite the fact that this building is not as massive and ancient, like other well-known pyramid, the tour will be released to the Spanish pyramids informative. Are the pyramids of Güímar in the same city in the southeast of Tenerife. It came in 1990, the famous Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl. He noted that the step structures are remarkably similar to the pyramid, which he saw in Peru, Tahiti and Egypt. Only here the local population for a long time considered their agronomic terraces. It turned out that the pyramids of Güímar, as well as their overseas “brothers”, strictly astronomically oriented. The stones of which they are built have been extracted from volcanic lava flows. Thus was created the Ethnographic Park in order to protect and study the pyramids of Tenerife. However, even today it remains a mystery when and why these pyramids were built. According to one theory they built the ancient inhabitants of the island – Guanche, for ceremonial purposes related to the cult of the sun, and maybe for maritime exchanges between the ancient civilizations. After visiting the pyramids, tourists can view a photo exhibition and exposition of the museum.


Water park “Siam Park”, in the area of ​​the largest resort Tenerife (Las Americas), it is Europe’s largest water park. Getting here, even adults conservative person can not restrain his enthusiasm , because that dipped into the exotic fairy empire Siam, with a variety of attractions in the Thai style.

This park was designed and built by the owners of “Loro Park”, the famous Island family Kiessling. To realize his ideas fabulous Siam Park, Christoph Kiessling traveled around the world and gather information from different parts of the world about interesting ideas, technical innovations, in order to create his “child” remarkable and unique atmosphere of leisure and pleasure. The construction of the park took 4 years and opened in 2008.

Stylized Thai-style exterior and relaxed atmosphere of the park are ideal for a family holiday or a noisy party, and for business meetings and corporate events. The Siam Park, a huge selection of stylish and equipped with modern facilities. There is a small and cozy bungalows on a floating market and a large amphitheater where concerts, fashion shows and other cultural events.

As for the water rides, they impress with their quality and originality. The highlight of  Siam – Tower of Power. This is a huge water slide (28 meters) from the bottom of a glass corridor running through the aquarium with fish. The Siam Park, a few champions in many ways. One of these – a swimming pool with the world’s largest artificial waves (up to 3 meters). Imagine that with him there is still a sandy beach where you can sunbathe. In winter the temperature of the water in a park of 24 ° C. For kids in park built a special playground.

All the necessary beach accessories, from sun cream to modern products designed for extreme water sports are available at the “floating market”. Stores and shops just met in an old Thai style. Apart from all this diversity Floating Market offers taste exotic delicacies, delicious meals, refreshing drinks, traditional sweets and much more in an elegant, stylish restaurants and bars. A massage parlor invites to relaxation.


Of course, to describe all the attractions of the island is simply impossible, as they say better to see once. A must-see here you need: Laurel Laurisilva forest, park parrot Loro Park, the Castle of San Miguel, the Basilica of Candelaria, g.Orotava old Canarian city – Icod de los Vinos and Garachico. Second largest carnival, after Brazil, by beauty and scale, is Carnival in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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